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An SVM Classifier Identifying Protein-Protein Interaction Types

NOXclass is a classifier identifying protein-protein interaction types (biological obligate, biological non-obligate and crystal packing) implemented using a support vector machine (SVM) algorithm. more...

Features to be used in SVM:
1. Interface area:
2. Interface area ratio:
3. Area-based amino acid composition:
4. Correlation between interface and protein surface:
5. Gap volume index:
6. Conservation score (ConSurf):

SVM type:

PDB structures:
PDB ID*: e.g. 1B34
Chain ID 1*: e.g. A
Chain ID 2*: e.g. B
Or upload your own structure files (in PDB format):
Structure File for Protomer 1*:
Structure File for Protomer 2*:

Fields marked with * are mandatory.


NOXclass assumes that each subunit contains only one polypeptide chain.

Training data & Source code

The datasets used for training are available here. The source code of the NOXclass program is distributed under the terms of GNU LGPL. It is available here.


Hongbo Zhu, Francisco S Domingues, Ingolf Sommer and Thomas Lengauer.
NOXclass: prediction of protein-protein interaction types.
BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:27 [FullText] [pdf]

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